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African Hair Summit


The African Hair Summit is a platform created to educate people about the toxic chemicals in hair and beauty products, encourage the manufacture of healthy alternatives and promote the beauty in the African natural hair.


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African Hair summit campaign

The African Hair would continue to be a magnificent relic freely given. Its dynamic importance cannot be overemphasized, giving rise to our platform “African Hair Summit” acting as an empowerment and sensitization agent in the society through the use of life-changing themes.

As a means of celebrating the World Afro Day which took place on the 15th of September 2017, African Hair Summit launched its Community Sensitization and Business Empowerment Program by visiting a community at Karimo.

We targeted women and young girls who don’t have access to information about the toxic chemicals in hair/beauty products and informed them of the need to embrace their natural hair/organic products. We also educated them on the roadmap of starting up a business in the natural hair industry.

African Hair summit campaign

We had presentations from a natural hair blogger “Rakiya Omaki” who spoke on hair care. We had a presentation from a local manufacturer of organic products  “Honey’s paradise” who talked about the business opportunities in the natural hair industry and products formation.

The coordinator and convener Adanna Ifeoma Enwezor further talked extensively about the vision of the project and how we plan to empower women and young girls in local communities through information and business practice even during the African Hair Summit.

African Hair Summit proposes to reach out to not just Africans in the Africa continent but Africans in Diaspora. Join our free to embrace hashtag #freetoembrace to show the world you lovely fro.

“May your fro grow and your skin glow”

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African Hair summit campaign

African Hair summit campaign

African Hair summit campaign

African Hair summit campaign

African Hair summit campaign

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