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African Hair Summit


The African Hair Summit is a platform created to educate people about the toxic chemicals in hair and beauty products, encourage the manufacture of healthy alternatives and promote the beauty in the African natural hair.


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African Hair Summit is a brand initiative of Photizo Life Foundation,  an organization committed to ensuring the mental and social well-being of members of the society.  The Summit is a sensitization platform to educate society on the dangers of harmful hair products, encourage home-grown healthy hair products and promote the African hair heritage.

Photizo Life Foundation through this annual summit aspires to help reduce hair-related health problems, promote the virtues, values and beauty of Africa, thereby fostering a deeper understanding about the continent’s emerging beauty industry and to showcase the elegance of the African hair.


To significantly reduce the use of harmful hair products and promote healthy hairstyling through strategic hair industry alliances across African Countries.
• To expose hair related health risks and discourage the continuous use of harmful hair products by encouraging more home grown healthy hair products and lifestyle for Africans.


To promote healthy hair and lifestyle amongst Africans.


• Campaign against harmful hair products used by African women and men.
• Create awareness for locally produced healthy hair products in Nigeria and Africa.
• Showcase the beauty and sustainability in natural African hair.


Building Africa's Natural Hair Industry




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Join us at the Afro Hair Culture & Beauty Festival. Date: 1st & 2nd December 2022.