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Setting Up A Hair Saloon

If your dream is to setup a hair salon and become a hairpreneur this New Year, then it’s important that you realize that you need more than just the dream. I’m sure you’d want to start a great, not just a good salon, right? Well, keep reading, because we’ve got you covered with a list of start-up essentials.


To run a thriving salon, experience is highly required to build and grow your client base because a satisfied client is a returning one and a dissatisfied client not only becomes a minus, but could cost you scores of referral clients. So, it’s a wise investment to take time out to learn all about the hair care industry, hair care standards, as well as hair styling. Your expertise may just be the one edge you will have over your competitors. You may even create a niche for yourself by opting for a specialized salon. For example, you could decide to start a strictly natural hair salon or a salon just for kids. You also need well trained staff! This is too important to overlook.

Startup Capital:

I can almost hear you groaning at the thought of sourcing start-up capital. Sadly, capital is a necessity. The amount you’ll need depends largely on whether you want to start on a small, medium or large scale, the location, your taste, and the type of salon you’re looking at starting.

Shop Space:

A physical space is essential to foster a good meeting point for both the stylist and the clients. The space could be big or small, depending on the amount of capital available and on your taste. Also the location of your salon goes a long way to determine the class of clientele you attract. For creativity and convenience sake, you could also operate a mobile shop where you engage in house to house services (Home Service) or offer it as an additional service.

Electricity Source:

This is key, and must be worked on during the planning period. Situating your shop in an area where there is a steady source of power supply is a good selling point for any salon. Alternatively, a generator or an inverter should be on stand-by in case of power outage, because electricity is needed to power the hair dryer, sterilize instruments, and to work at night when there are plenty of clients to be taken care of.

Business Registration:

Every business needs to register with appropriate authorities like Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), the Local Council Authority, Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and possibly the Hairstylists Association to avoid legal and other issues. Registration with associations also aid in fostering a business networking fellowship.

Beautiful Interiors:

Like the common saying that “You don’t need a second chance to create a good first impression” it is vital that your shop is always clean and beautiful to attract clients. Ensure that the ambience is comfortable and as welcoming as possible.


Every business needs to advertise to create awareness about their brand. This can be effectively done online, with the use of flyers and handbills, through print and electronic media and through referrals (word of mouth).

Buying the right instruments:

Hair equipments

To effectively render your service, you need to have the right equipment. These include standard dryers (standing, overhead and hand dryers), towels, hair products (shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments, hair oils, etc.), Faux hair (wigs and extensions) chairs, tables, and mirrors, sanitation stations, manicure and pedicure equipment, curlers, rollers, steamers, etc.

So, there you are! While this is not a conclusive list, the above listed items are the essentials needed to start your very own, super snazzy salon.

I wish you all the best as you embark on the journey to becoming a successful hairpreneur. Happy New Year

This article is written by Mike Andrew
True Talk Magazine

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