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Hair they say is the beauty and the crowning glory of a woman. All over the world people pamper and take care of their hair, most especially the female folks.

They nurture it, protect it, and feed it with nutritious hair care products and organic ingredients to ensure it grows and shines. Hair should always be dressed and styled neatly to give the effect of a style statement once you step out.

A career is your occupation. In most cases your workplace is where you spend the most time; it requires your time and presence and you have to always look good and present yourself beautifully. Of course, your hairstyle isn’t left out. As the popular saying goes “the way you dress is the way you will be addressed”, permit me to say “the way you style your hair is the way you will be admired”.

However, naturalists are faced with the challenge of how to style our hair to suit our different careers. But not to worry I am here to serve you with a plate of spicy style tips garnished with sauce and juice, so take a seat and relax while you scroll through.

There are various hairstyles for different careers; I will simply state them using the major careers we have around us. They include;









Hairstyle for Engineers

As an engineer, the work environment can vary from site to office settings. Normally a site is encased in a dusty cloud, iron steels/sheets, concrete, building materials, etc.; all of which are not beneficial to the hair. Thank goodness for hard hats and helmets! A simple hairstyle like this will do. You need something that can easily fit into the helmet in one swing.

Hairstyle for Bankers

As a banker, you have to look presentable and attractive to the customers as well as your co-workers. Did you know that you can double the customer base for your bank with your unique hairstyle and sizzling smile? No? Well, it’s called packaging.😊

Hairstyle for Accountants

You have to look stylish and presentable; I mean who doesn’t want to be addressed as the lady with both beauty and brains? Having a neat and creative style give you the confidence that lets your client feel that their money and records are in safe hands.

Hairstyle for Doctors

The life of a doctor is that of an angel on earth. As a doctor, you don’t need your hair falling onto your face and getting in the way while trying to attend to a patient, so a simple ponytail, bun or rounded curl will do just fine.

Hairstyle for Lecturers

As a lecturer, you are allowed to freestyle with your hair, but be careful not to overdo it because you have a lot of young people looking up to you. Set yourself as role models to young girls and also to young men who would want their wives to follow your hair-steps.

Hairstyle for Footballers

We all know what sport entails, all the running and jumping around is enough stress so you don’t need any more pressure from your hair. A braid like this will be just fine, looking stylish and free. Better still a stylish low cut would serve well.

Hairstyle for Lawyers

For the learned colleagues who fight for the law, this style above will give you a stern and daring yet beautiful look. It gives everyone the impression that you pay attention to details, are confident to face obstacles and you would defend your client at all cost.

Hairstyle for Soldiers

This can be done by any female in the force and your beret/cap will fit just fine. Despite being a soldier, a woman is a woman and wants to feel and look beautiful.

All styles provided above can be done by a good hairstylist and you will be looking sumptuous and good to go; but hey I mean good to go to work.😉 Try them out and thank me later.

This article is written by Comfort Oguche a writer, model and a motivational speaker. She is the CEO of the Euphrates, a brand set to impact lives especially young people.

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