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AHS 2019


At the Transcorp Hilton Hotel…. All roads and airplanes lead to Abuja, Nigeria. We can’t wait to see you.


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African Hair Summit 2019

The African Hair Summit is a platform created to educate people about the toxic chemicals in hair and beauty products, encourage the manufacture of healthy alternatives and promote the beauty in the African natural hair.


Building Africa's Natural Hair Industry

Executive Director Photizo Life Foundation and Founder African Hair Summit


Director Business Development of African Hair Summit


SA Marketing


Project Executive


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What Members Are Saying

May God continue to bless you more and more... We love your work and appreciate your effort.

Cora Yedidyath

Wow, The African Hair Summit 2018 was mind blowing, What I learnt was out of this world.

Bianca karkar

Everyone love my natural look, I am so cute all thanks to You

Uche A.

Thank you so much for this event, I have learnt so much... PS I rock a natural now

Mary Ada

Be a part of the biggest Natural hair Conference & Exhibition in Africa


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Join us at the AFRICAN HAIR SUMMIT 2019, 14th and 15th of June
@ the Transcorp Hilton Hotel.... All roads and airplanes lead to Abuja, Nigeria. We can't wait to see you