An insightful health talk, the “Impact of Chemical Products on African Hair and Skin” by Dr Kemi Osundare was presented on day one and the African hair documentary was aired, throwing more light on the chemical implications of beauty for the African Woman and the need to manufacture more home grown organic hair products.

A series of workshop took place on the second day which included business workshops presentations on “Funding for your Business” by SMEDAN, “Utilizing local materials for the production of natural hair care products” by Kemi Robinson, CEO Nerds and Nymphs, and “Step-by-Step Guide: How to set up your own Business in the Natural Hair and Skin Industry” by Ruth Ebhota, CEO Ruvie Organics.

Panel discussions were anchored on both days by the MCs of each day Mr. Obinnaya Uruakpa on the first day and Mrs Emem Okpashi the second day. There were two panel discussions on the second day on “Trade and Investment” by professionals from various government agencies, and “How to Care for your Natural Hair Using Natural Products/DIY” by natural hair product manufactures House of Merola, Lumo Naturals, and certified trichologist, Natmaine.