African Hair Summit is a brand initiative of Photizo Life Foundation,  an organization committed to ensuring the mental and social well-being of members of the society.  The Summit is a sensitization platform to educate society on the dangers of harmful hair products, encourage home-grown healthy hair products and promote the African hair heritage.

Photizo Life Foundation through this annual summit aspires to help reduce hair-related health problems, promote the virtues, values and beauty of Africa, thereby fostering a deeper understanding about the continent’s emerging beauty industry and to showcase the elegance of the African hair.

To promote healthy hair and lifestyle amongst Africans.

• To significantly reduce the use of harmful hair products and promote healthy hairstyling through strategic hair industry alliances across African Countries.
• To expose hair related health risks and discourage the continuous use of harmful hair products by encouraging more home grown healthy hair products and lifestyle for Africans.

• Campaign against harmful hair products used by African women and men.
• Create awareness for locally produced healthy hair products in Nigeria and Africa.
• Showcase the beauty and sustainability in natural African hair.