Special Treat for the Guys

Last year, the Summit was all about the ladies. Since looking good isn’t just for ladies, this year, we’ve got some special treats for guys too. Keeping a beard? Growing your hair out? Having problems with your hair or beard? Struggling with baldness? Looking for just the right products? Want to learn how to start or take care of your locs? Got grooming questions you need answered? Great! Then you won’t want to miss this year’s Summit.

With so many guys growing their hair, joining the beard gang and taking their grooming seriously, we’ve decided to have a corner just for the men! There will be lots of hair growth and moisturizing creams, products to cure or treat balding, products to help maintain or start dreadlocks, and other grooming items for men. Trust us; you don’t want to miss out on this. Ladies, you can also stop by the men’s corner and get a few things for your special one.